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Meditation (Yoga) make You Explore and understand the Mysteries of Creation and What Are We !?!
Try,This Blog, may look a Maze or Epigraphic, make You go through Meditation (Yoga), both in Theory & Practice

More About Me - Happened So

(Posted in Google+ Page as serial Events – Not seen Before or After - Just so as far as)

*40+ years back at 26 . . .

*(Then thinking only of enboarding for travel around the world, by the pull of urge for wonder-mysteries)

*(Thinking so may be due to my basic urge to know answers for questions of existence)

*Seeking. Waiting at a railway station, seeing the track of awaiting train. And then the other side of track.

*Hill station. Meter gauge track. Steam engine for push and stop. Toylike coaches. Not seen before or after.

*Just returning home after a short job assignment. Then thinking of only about the then dream project of world tour to wonder mysteries. Not seen before or after. . .

*Instead of the awaiting train – Seen approaching towards me. Seeming Just like coming direct from caves. Not seen before or after.

*Approaching me like a walking statue, slender. Holding a prayer staff. Bunches of Copper wavy hair. Hanging, running over shoulders, down below knees, covering the lean body. Golden beard touching navel. Dreamy eyes. Not seen before or after.

*Stepped aside to ensure he to me and sat on a bench aside. Unexpectedly, carrying a sweet light fragrance of that of strong ‘Champaca Flower’, he sat by my side looking blessingly. Not seen before or after.

*Stunned, at last back to normalcy. Thinking may he be for some money, picked a currency note of moderate denomination from my pocket to offer him. Which he took, but . . . Not seen so before or after.

*He took it, but…Putting it back in my pocket, he asked - “Do you follow me ?”
Struck bound. After a moment, asked him – “What for?”
Not so before or after.

*He smiled, the shining moon out of clouds, and said - “To find what you are searching for, the mysterious of all wonders” and continued – “the origin of existence”
Wondered and asked him – “How you know?”
Not heard before or after.

*After a pause, he said – “Quite simple”
After a pause, asked him – “Is it so easy?”
Not heard so before or after.

*“Saying as quite simple,” He said, “Is not of origin of existence”
“Then,” Asked him, “What is that so simple?”
Not so before or after.

*“It is so”. He said, “Seen and Known”
“Do you know me before?” asked him.
Not so before or after.

*“No” He said.
“How then you know my search?” Asked him. “And know so simply!”
Not so before or after.

*He continued off my interruption. “Not seen . . . but heard”
“What you heard?”
Not so before or after.

*”About you planning a world tour in search of ‘Mystic Wonders’
“How you know that, me the same person you heard about?”
Not heard before or after.

*“Simple”. He said and continued “By sheer mix of your distant looks and searching smile”
Asked him “Why you are interested in me?”
Not heard before or after.

*”Since heard . . .” He said, “Looking for you”
“What for?”
Not heard before or after.

*”To follow me . . . “. He continued “To take over from me and carry on the torch”
“How far to follow?”
Not heard before or after.

*”Up to there, those slopes . . .” He said, pointing bell shaped rock hill in front of us, ”roughly an hour walk”
“Are you going there?”
Not so before or after.

*”Yes…” He Continued, “There my home…Those caves”
Then, there the sound of approaching train.
Trying to get up from the bench, said to him, “Not now, please”(Regretted later)
Not so before or after.

*Alertness and activity around . . . train on the platform . . . there the vibrations.
Hurried to get up from sitting bench to stand up.
But, couldn’t . . . Failed to get up.
Not so before or after.

*”Don’t take it easy”, he said. My left hand in his grip.
His right hand on my head dragging it towards him, my left ear touching his lips.
Neither the train in front - in view, nor the atmosphere - in railway station.
Not seen before or after.

* My left ear touching his lips.
Neither he by my side, visible – nor me by his side.
He made a sound – just heard it.
Not known – either the meaning or the syllable (it took 20 years, after, to know)
Not so before or after.
(to be Continued. . . )
What is your, such an event you met before?

Thanking You.
(A copy from Google+ Page - set)

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