Oct 19, 2018

Reflections of Meditation

Reflections of Meditation

If God permits

If God Permits
To bring Meditation nearer to all

Though unable to participate and share here in full as previous, due to offline participations, responding mail (within 24 hrs, possibly)
to interactive shares – Please

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Thanking You
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To bring Meditation nearer to all

Dec 26, 2010


Welcome Heartly to this Voyage, The Meditation Yoga - to discover the land of Truest Truth and Highest Peace with tranquil delights . . .
Pl proceed, for furthers and enquiries, to start with . . .
Do you find it difficult to continue or advance in MEDITATION Yoga, in Quest of Truth ?
It is the God Finder, the Practical Spirituality and the ultimate of Philosophy.

Nice of You.
Please have Your Ask/Say and get Your Answer/Reply.
Dec 26, 2010

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Jun 25, 2010


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Uses of Meditation in daily Life; Cosmic Rays; Enlightenment 1; Philosophy; Levitate by Meditation; Joyness Crawls; Why happy by Meditation; Shadow disappears; Some thing Broken; Miracles; What you did prior; Sages appear in meditation; RocksMelt; New leaves to dead log; What for you Blog; Miracle Tree; Best Epic; Jump Down Cliff;  Top Humor; Going after Mirage; Top Fun; Effect of Truth; Differently same; Enlightenment 2; Far vs Near; Float vs Sink

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Talk God; After Enlightenment; What for this Blog?; Why Different model;

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Why go Temples; Pilgrims; Rosaries; Concentration; Art; Religion 1; Religion 2; Lighted Path; Difficulties; Time ; Festivals; God in You 1; Idol Worship; Prayer Bells; Charity giving; Righteousness; Effect of Deeds ;

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