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Dec 26, 2010


Welcome Heartly to this Voyage, The Meditation Yoga - to discover the land of Truest Truth and Highest Peace with tranquil delights . . .
Pl proceed, for furthers and enquiries, to start with . . .
Do you find it difficult to continue or advance in MEDITATION Yoga, in Quest of Truth ?
It is the God Finder, the Practical Spirituality and the ultimate of Philosophy.

Nice of You.
Please have Your Ask/Say and get Your Answer/Reply.
Dec 26, 2010

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Jun 25, 2010


INDEX of some Entries in Comments of Mono-Static Post 'GOD in YOU' above: A Q&A Blog.
Uses of Meditation in daily Life; Cosmic Rays; Enlightenment 1; Philosophy; Levitate by Meditation; Joyness Crawls; Why happy by Meditation; Shadow disappears; Some thing Broken; Miracles; What you did prior; Sages appear in meditation; RocksMelt; New leaves to dead log; What for you Blog; Miracle Tree; Best Epic; Jump Down Cliff;  Top Humor; Going after Mirage; Top Fun; Effect of Truth; Differently same; Enlightenment 2; Far vs Near; Float vs Sink

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Talk God; After Enlightenment; What for this Blog?; Why Different model;

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Why go Temples; Pilgrims; Rosaries; Concentration; Art; Religion 1; Religion 2; Lighted Path; Difficulties; Time ; Festivals; God in You 1; Idol Worship; Prayer Bells; Charity giving; Righteousness; Effect of Deeds ;

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