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Meditation (Yoga) make You Explore and understand the Mysteries of Creation and What Are We !?!
Try,This Blog, may look a Maze or Epigraphic, make You go through Meditation (Yoga), both in Theory & Practice

4 Module Step-by-Step to Meditation


Steps to meditate:
i would like to share few of my views regarding doing meditation

Meditation is a mental discipline which opens awareness and improves

accurate perception. It can be practiced by anyone regardless of

intelligence or stature. Stated in its simplest form, here is a basic

meditation outline for beginning the practice of effective meditation:

1. Seat yourself in a quiet room free from distractions and interruptions.
2. Provide yourself with subdued light (a dim light). A candle would be

very appropriate. Make sure the room is well ventilated and at a

comfortable temperature.
3. Sit erect, back straight, but let your muscles relax. The body must

relax during meditation. However, you do want your back at a fairly erect

4. Focus your attention inward -- casually searching and waiting. search

into yourself and just wait.
5. Do not force your attention -- just let it wonder easily.
6. Repel any negative thoughts which you may have. If they pop into your

mind just shake them off. Forget about them as best you can and go back

to the fourth step, focusing your attention inward casually.
7. Let your thought dwell on positive thoughts. Someone you love, a scene

which is restful or soothing, or a future occasion which you are looking

forward to. The keynote here is positive thoughts, pleasant things, restful

things, beautiful things.
8. Put your mind in neutral gear, so to speak. Let your attention become

very passive -- neither negative or positive -- let it drift on its own.

Observe what is going on and be receptive. That is very important -- BE

9. Conclude with a prayer.


Second Week:
1. Your meditation room should be clean, quiet, and free from distractions

and interruptions.
2. Fast sparingly before meditation, taking care to prepare your food with

light seasoning and as close to the natural state as possible for easy

digestion. The temperature of the meditation room should be cool but

comfortable and will ventilated.
3. Sit upright but relaxed with eyes closed. Watch your breathing to see

that it is even. Feet should be flat on the floor and hands together in

your lap. Clothing should be loose and shoes removed.
4. If you have practiced regular meditation, you need to repel negation or

dwell on the positive. Do not think of good or bad, happy or sad. Do not

concentrate or work at meditating. Just let your thought "be". Relax. Put

your tongue at the roof of your mouth. Close your lips and teeth.
5. Create a pinpoint of light in your mind's eyes about six inches from

your forehead. Do not force it. Let it appear gradually.
6. Let the light gradually grow until it is a sphere which surrounds your

entire body. Picture yourself as seated inthe middle of the sphere, in

suspension, touching neither floor nor ceiling.
7. Feel the power, protection, and energy of the sphere.
8. Feel yourself as the sphere. You are the sphere.
9. Let the sphere, as you, grow until it becomes the world -- then the

universe. You are the world and the universe.
10. Then, let the sphere reduce in size gradually until it is the pinpoint

light. Then let the light dissolve. Relax.
The entire exercise as outlined here should take about an hour. It should

be performed daily at about the same time for at least a week.


Third Week:
During the third week you can conduct your breathing meditation. Follow

steps number 1 through 5 above.
6. Take a deep breath. Hold it for five seconds. Exhale slowly and deeply.

Repeat this exercises for the first several minutes of your meditation.
7. During the next twenty minutes, examine the pinpoint of light without

concentrating on it or forcing your attention at it. Observe it and its

meaning in relation to you.
8. During the final twenty minutes, let the pinpoint of light dissolve
until it disappears into infinity. Do this slowly.
9. Just before you conclude your meditation, let your attention rest on
your heartbeat, observe its regularity, be one with it
Fourth week
During the fourth week you are ready for your conceptualization exercise.

This is perhaps the most difficult of all. But, it can also be the most

Follow steps number 1 through 5 above.
6. Observe the meaning of live. Do not think about it or concentrate on

it. Observe it. Observe its meaning without thinking of a specific person

or thing, or happening, or previous experience. If necessary, think of the

distilled meaning of your experience with it. Keep your mind away from the

specific. Allow yourself to feel abstractly its full meaning. Try not to

think in words or mental pictures. Just relax and let yourself feel the

meaning, just pure feeling. Let it grow within.
7. Observe the meaning of freedom.
8. Observe the meaning of oneness.
9. Observe the meaning of light.
This exercise should take about an hour.
You can rotate the three exercises from week to week, but it is a good

idea to do one exercise for an entire week at a time before using one of

the others.

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