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Nov 7, 2018

God to Religion

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Ifinder Ifindi
In Quest of GOD
6 Dec 2014

Also, not to miss the comments in original share, Please.
Via +Nils Hitze with Thanks
( #Religion #Problem #Belief #Existence )

Originally shared by Nils Hitze
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my main problem with Religions
"You might bet on the existence of the Christian God, but in the afterlife find that Allah or Zeus condemns you for your false beliefs. Or even if the Christian God awaits, you can’t be sure that your version of Christianity is correct. Perhaps only 1 of the approximately 41,000 sects of Christianity is true; the version you believe is incorrect; and you will be condemned for your false beliefs."
The Transhumanist Wager

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Ifinder Ifindi
Thank You Nils Thank You very much.
6 Dec 2014
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Ifinder Ifindi
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13 Nov 2015

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