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Nov 7, 2018

Nobel by Soul

(Google+ Post)

Ifinder Ifindi
In Quest of GOD
9 Oct 2014

Via Google Maps KUDOS.
Hearty Congrats to Nobel and Noble TRIO

EXITING to know it all started and revealed from Search for a ' SOUL of Rat' (this news available on Google Search)

Thanking You Google+ , Nobel and All
( #NobelPrize #Soul #GoogleMaps #Award #Physiology #Medicine )

Originally shared by Nobel Prize
The #nobelprize2014 #Medicine awarded discoveries were made in 1971 (O’Keefe) and 2005 (May-Britt Moser & Edvard Moser)

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Ifinder Ifindi
+Dave Sutton
Thank You, Thank You
15 Oct 2014

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Ifinder Ifindi said...

Update - Continued efforts - Nobel Labs

Ifinder Ifindi said...

Twitter Link, for the above referred article in comment

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