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Jan 3, 2019

Hidden behind Cloudy Skies . . .

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Ifinder Ifindi
Reflections of Meditation
21 Sep 2017

Hidden behind Cloudy skies . . .

We reap fruits as we seed
We see those which we feed

We cloud skies as we breath
Shapes of past, future and present

Nurtures and reflects - Carry a world of rain and rust
Hang between heaven and earth, playing hide and seek
Clouds hide what's behind, to seek and find the unknown

Nevertheless, hidden behind cloudy skies
Vast universe beyond to peek, when Sky Cloudless

Meditation, by practice makes You aware frontiers above

* * * * *
▶ Cloudless is clear sky - Mindful is with Clouds
( #Meditation #Yoga #Mindful #Cloud )

Image: Woman Sunset Silhouette
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Poetisa Helena
Very beautiful your collection of reflection
30 Nov 2017
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Fox S
Beautiful photo sunrises

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