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Jan 4, 2019

The Ballet of Colours, in Life

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Ifinder Ifindi
Reflections of Meditation
1 Nov 2017

The Ballet of Colours, in Life
( and The Default one . . . )

A robin may even faint when threat of life, by fear
Even a swan reacts when encroached its space, by Anger

And so also Similarly -
We get upset as per the situation or excited

And several situations & intensities
With mix of combinations & opposites

Resulting with related effects in us, interconnected

The Balancer -
Guards against and Cleans the effects of disturbances
Meditation balances and brings back to normalcy sooner -
▶ to the default, Happy (▶without reason)
▶ Helps and enhances the effects of memorable moments

The Ballet of Colours, in Life - and the Default one

* * * * *
▶ Connect to Gif to get the Default, Happy
~Colours, our responses - Ballet, related effects in us
( #Meditation #Yoga #Ballet #moments #Default )

Happiness is our default state, unless obstructed or diverted

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9 Nov 2017

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