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Jan 1, 2019

The Missing Child


Ifinder Ifindi
Reflections of Meditation
21 Apr 2017

The Missing Child
(Just mist in between . . )

No reason, no dearth for any thing
Feeling Sad and often weepy with hiccups
Don't know why, though have wings to fly

Missing in a fair, lost the way to Home
Wondering everywhere, away from the Home

Just the Mist in between

The Mist will disappear and appear the Home, clear
On taking up the Meditation, the Divine Light
All the Sad away and ever Happy that come

Let's Pray, for -
The Missing Child, the Angel of God
Just the Mist in between

(» We the Missing Children away from our Spiritual Homes)

( #Home #Divine #Light #Meditation #Happy )

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Ifinder Ifindi
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21 Apr 2017

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